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Why You Should Join This ComMOONity...

Are You Seeking a Space to Create Art, Practice Astrology, and Share YOUR Unique Magical Gifts & Tools with other Babes Also Seeking Opportunities to Change The World? 

This is the ComMOONity for you! 

We Embrace Shadow WeRK and Light WeRK equally. We do not bypass or overlook the edges created by white supremacy. We go Deep into the Practice of Process to Create Space for Magic. We support each other by listening, validating, sharing resources & showing up.

The Moon is the guide we are seeking to grow and to heal but, after generations of trauma and disconnection, we've forgotten how to listen to her messages and songs. This MAGICmooning Practice can reconnect ComMOONity members with the luminaries (The Moon and The Sun) to translate and relearn the lost messages. This creative journey is about leading each individual to a better understanding of what each of us truly needs to become unique beings; beings held in a healthy container of comMOONity - as we are truly meant to be. 

We are all one of a kind Moon Beams!

Let's WeRK!

I already appreciate you just for reading this. I hope you'll join this ComMOONity because I want to get to know you. I want to show you what I know but more than that I want to know what you know. I want to be in ComMOONity with you because you're a gorgeous light. I hope you'll want to be in ComMOONity with me because I am gorgeous light. 

Let's see what we can illuminate together thru this Magical WeRK! 

About Dianna...

I am an artist | aka: a Process Based Art Maker who paints, draws, sews, pots, crafts, knots, weaves, burns, edits graphics, adorns bodies & assembles junk into joy. I intend to reconnect people to their magical birthright, aka: becoming a messy, mistake-maker who just wants to share their inner visions because it feels good. I want to remind us that we are built to create in order to translate the messages from the Universe, from our guides, and from our inner self. I want to know others in a creative way AND have tons of fun doing it. What can I illustrate for you?

I am an astrologer | aka: a translator of an ancient map given to us as a gift from a complex Universe. I practice Hellenistic, Traditional Astrology using Whole Sign Houses. I focus on opportunities, remediation, validation & finding torque in natal charts. I read for individuals, businesses and I adore reading charts for the smallest humans among us, giving parents the unique tips they are always seeking. How can I help you see yourself better?

I am a damn fine witch | aka: Earth & Star Witch. I've studied so many books, workshops, classes, and traditions trying to find a way to validate my gifts. In 2020 I woke up and realized that we are all fucking witches with Magical Gifts and Tools. Each of us is valid, useful, and Magical AF. We just need permission to be as much as we are. I intend to gift that validation to anyone who seeks it - not by some authority but by removing the dusty lens of capitalism and patriarchy to reveal the simple truth: we're made of the same stuff as the whole Universe and we deserve to be held, seen, and celebrated in any way we want to be. How can I see you better?

Learn even more than you might want to about me here. 

I cannot wait to WeRK with you! 


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